Sunday, February 05, 2006




Today will be remembered for a long time. For the first time in my life I had a three way conference on my cell phone. That too with my old school buddies.

Three guys. One in Delhi. One in Chennai. And the third in Calcutta. We spoke for 80 minutes at a stretch. It was like vacation time. The only thing missing were the innumerable plates of steaming momos which normally accompany our annual get together. We discussed everything. Academics, future career plans, existent/non-existent love lives, old teachers, Hollywood, Bollywood, cricket, pros and cons of the three respective metros, food, mobile service, weather, alcohol, metro rail, cars. As usual we indulged in the all too familiar leg pulling with dear Lucian bearing the brunt of the attack, which of course is a forgone conclusion in any matter he takes part in.

I was speaking to Ravi after a long time and as expected he has not changed a bit. Going steady with a girl for some time, he was his usual affable self. Just for the records it was he who sponsored this cross country communication extravaganza. I did not ask him how he intended to pay for all this for going by his reputation as the biggest duper of mobile phone agencies in history, he surely must have had a cunning plan somewhere. Lucian was his usual self and thankfully not drunk. He couldn’t help making his trademark silly statements which have got him into those frequent embarrassing situations, which have always been our source of primary entertainment.

I for my part kept up my reputation of being Lucian’s tormentor-in-chief. I had to confide in Ravi about my failed attempts at the obvious. He was naturally very supportive. We updated each other on what’s going on in our respective lives, along with catching up on the lives of common friends.

Such conversations really bring in a breath of fresh air into the otherwise hectic schedule we go through. For a few moments time comes to a standstill and we are transported back to those enchanting schooldays where we all used to sit and discuss these very topics. Around five years have passed but our views, thoughts and mannerisms have remained the same. Hopefully, it will stay so. Amen.

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zeeshan said...

true man 5 years ve passed but still we ve not changed,whatever change has been there is all senti reading dis stuff...those school days,those outings, those excuses u made to aunty(sri's b'day),those momos those of lucian's trademark comments n ideas,those outings in manas' house,night stays in delhi,de parathas at night,fish pakoras near ur room,ur flushing de leftovers...yes yar miss them all,miss u all,somehow i've remained de same yet changed,lost de high spirit dt i enjoyed wid u all...miss ya