Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And now for something completely different.

Well, I have been always a little ignorant of technology. Especially when it has got to do with the computer. When I saw my peers lapping up everything there is to know about softwares and the internet, I made a conscious decision to sit out this revolution. I had to be different you see. Even at the cost of common sense. So that’s the reason why my blog has such a barren look. ( I prefer the word minimalist). No favourite blogs. No counter. No design. No funky stuff at the sides. Why? It’s not that I don’t love counters and funky stuff. And I have a number of favourite blogs. Yes Greatbong, I am talking about you. But I have no frigging idea how to incorporate all these stuff. It seems some thing called HTML is involved somewhere. Whatever.

As a result of this self imposed isolation, I am a loner in the big wide happy family of bloggers. I never get tagged for anything. No one requests me to unleash my creative genius. But I have had enough. So I TAG myself. What do you think about that, you pinheads!

Now that tagging is over, I have decided to write on this curious thing doing the rounds. 8 things which people do not know about you. Well, why 8? I would love to say 80 things if it got me a little more attention( read comments). Again for the sake of being different I will say the top 10 things people do not know about me.

The more perceptive of you might have noticed the subtle tribute I just paid to my good friend the Rt Hon David Letterman.

The list.

1. I don’t believe in reality. As a mater of fact I consider it dangerous and should be done away with at once. I believe everyone has a right to believe what one feels like. How close that is to reality is not a point of concern. Well that’s how I explain the length of my resume to people.

2. I want to die before I turn 45. Among the sighs of relief I notice a few raised eyebrows. Here is the motivation. I don’t want to get through JEE again. I mean obviously my children will be sitting for it. And it’s a worse quandary for parents than the children. FIITJEE, VMC, Brilliants again?? No way. God, I am coming home in 2030.

3. I support the war on Iraq. Without it seeing Bush and his administration’s press conferences wouldn’t be half as fun. I know I am being insensitive to the thousands dead but then they didn’t do much for me anyway.

4. I believe P G Wodehouse is the greatest ever author ever in the history of the universe. Try writing one sentence like him you punk.

5. I strongly disagree with people who say a man must know his alcohol. (Ya, Kini. I am talking to you). I feel too much time is being wasted knowing alcohol instead of drinking it. Academic pursuits should be left behind in the lab. And in some cases in Wikipedia.

6. One of my greatest faux pas was when I was caught eating a double layer chicken burger wearing a PETA t-shirt. It was one of those situations where none of the clever one-liners you mugged from Wiki-quote is of any use. But I did plead ignorance by claiming that I thought it stood for Prevention of Ethical Treatment to Animals. Some political pundits point out that it might have been one of the reasons why I lost the Mandak lit-sec elections in 2006. Psueba is a vegetarian you see.

7. I am very touchy when it comes to my privacy. I think some things should remain private. I don’t believe the people have any right to know that I have a love-life so barren that I am planning to begin hitting on Insti girls.

8. I hate Orkut. Yes I do. I think it’s a travesty of egotistical justice that one cannot write a testimonial for oneself without having a fake account. Why do they think I can write testimonials about people I have never met but not for myself whom I know since…well as long as I remember. And 1024 words?? Are they kidding me? I don’t see word limits on articles praising Brin and Page. Why then have a limit when it comes to us? Me in particular.

9. When it comes to a choice between populism and elitism, I will always choose populism. There is not better place to hide mediocrity than in a large crowd. And of course when the revolution comes it’s the elites who head to the guillotine. Revise your history you psuede buggers.

10. And finally, the most important thing that you all don’t know is something not about me. Its about Shaastra 2007. It gives me great pleasure to let out one of the biggest secrets of this year. Shaastra 2007 is going to be the awesomest, most wonderfullest, greatestest ever spectacle ever seen in the history of mankind since whatever. Even King Leonides spanking Persian asses will not come close to the passion one will witness say in the Shaastra 2007 press conference. And that’s just the mildest part of the 4 day extravaganza.

And now you know.


1. Had to say the last few lines. It was in my core contract.

2. Insti girls have always had my greatest respect.


BoFi said...


"Shaastra 2007 is going to be the awesomest, most wonderfullest, greatestest ever spectacle ever seen in the history of mankind since..."

The correct answer would be Shaastra 2006.

(That was in my core contract)

Czar said...

1. I am glad you tagged yourself. In fact, I had thought of tagging you, and then realized that someone I tag will tag you for sure, and hence left it at that. So, do not think that there arent people who will not tag you.

2. Point no.5 is so bloody true. :D


4. Do let me know your last requests so that I can take care of them.


@ Bofi: It will only get better. The correct answer would be Shaastra '06 till '07 happens, and '07 till '08 happens. :)

pops said...

As always, damn funny ! :)

p.s: You'll get your article soon, dont worry :)

it's baille said...

hilarious...what about times editor thingy :)

CB said...

Oh, fuck man, Sayan!

Your posts are just gaaaaawd :-)

Anonymous said...

dear brilly,
the orkut limit is for 1024 characters...not evn words... anyway how does it matter, you anyway wrote a testimonial for me stating all about nice ppl lik me hav always been their..laid down their lives and testimonails spaces for morons lik you.. *sigh* for the LESSER common good..if u kno wht i mean...


jimmy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jimmy said...

Now, I am proud to be comp ignorant as I can always quote a shaastra core who is so. That intro, wow...u just read my mind. U r psychic.
Point no 7, noted.
Point 8: Common, u cannot hate orkut. U have some infinite testimonials. Orkut is fun. Where else can u have such fan-trading, and...oops! i dont remember the other lineaments now. I think every comp ignorant should love orkut (my view...may be far from reality), for thats the best way to pass time with the comp.
And atlast...did u write a testi for kini?

Kini said...

For random fact number 6 I do have a quote that would've been witty at the very least, if not politically correct.

"I'm a post-modern vegetarian. I eat meat.. ironically."
- Bill Bailey


soham said...

khoob mojar , kintu aamai tui ei TAG hoar bapar ta bujhiye dibi ?

Nirmal Raj said...

A top post!
Point-wise comments:
1, Great. I second you. Subjective reality. Different strokes for different folks.
2, JEE would've been done away with by the time you're a teen's father. Admissions'd be through AIEEE, or even NTSE. And make sure you give birth to a girl -- she'd have way better chances with 50 to 70% reservations in IIT's for her sex.
3, May the slimiest of frogs seek warmth in your underwear while you're sleeping tonight.
4, Suffice it to say that I have quoted you in my Google Talk status message with a line added -- 'He took the words out of my mouth!'
5, Man of action, eh? Dignity, my editor, is one thing you cannot preserve in alcohol.
6, Prevention? LOL-cubed! How cheeky!
7, Tee-hee! Watch Truman Show if you haven't.
8, I agree, I agree, I agree! I hate(d) it more than you -- I can say this with certainty since you still haven't deleted your account.
9, My mind is divided over populism and elitism. *
10, Time shall tell! If even one of those 'est' words falls down to an 'er' word during the course of Shaastra, brace yourself for a hot pan spanking!

* And here's the division -- 90% elitism, 10% populism.