Monday, June 16, 2008

Try Believing This.

Date: 15th June
Time: Sometime in the afternoon
Place: Pine View Falls, Poudre River, Colorado

People screaming: Sayan,Shantanu,Abhay,Narayan,Vikram.
People not screaming: Melissa, the guide.


jatin said...
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Makam said...

nothing to be seen buddy! where is the pic/movie?

jimmy said...

Before watching the video, I thought this was a tornado and people were shouting your names for help :P
Wild imagination, eh?

And yes, belated birthday wishes. Hope we get all our pending trts including this one :P

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

Where the air is clear, and the water's white,
And the pretty girl, has no scream of fright,
And the insti baays, screamin' "Take it Liiiiight!" (ref: Cliff Richard: 'In the Country')