Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Indiblogger: Youngistan Contest

I am nominating four of my posts for the Indiblogger Blog of the month contest and as it is being sponsored by Pepsi, I need to put in my two pence regarding this ‘Youngistaan Contest’. With a Rapidshare account as one of the prizes on offer, I have shed all qualms and unhesitatingly associate myself with this corporate initiative.

So I need to create a challenge for Ranbir as he tries to lay his hand on a bottle of Pepsi. Here goes,

A bottle of Pepsi lies before Ayesha Siddique. She will give it to Ranbir only when he manages to convince Shoiab Malik to serenade her at the top of his voice with Sania Mirza dancing in the background in a tennis outfit. The catch lies in the fact that Ranbir will have to marry Ayesha if he fails. He also needs to shout Baba Nityanand ki Jai after every ten seconds during the whole mission.


hitesh rawat said...

this reminds me of the scene.....from the movies DIL (Aamir and Madhuri) where they are fighting to kiss maduri....but the one looses...kisses the other ....fat lady....


Pallav said...

hahaha funny :)

Good one dude :)

Arif said...

Maregaa Ranbir tere ko for making him do this challenge! hahaa

BTW, check out the visual of Ranbir jumping from the Bandra Worli Sea Link shouting WOW WOW WOW and gulping down a can of Pepsi! Do write your comment/feedback at:


Arif said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Addy said...

LOL! you have brought in the mix of all the controversies off lately! awesome one man!

Farila said...

Nityananda is the new angle to the youngistaan contest...

Mine is the old Sholay theme.. check this out

pravin nair said...

haha nice n topical..
btw, ru sure it will be ayesha n not mapa? ;-D

pls do check out my not so wow post at:
all the best to you dude!

Anonymous said...

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